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Are you a new business owner who wants to build credibility in your field?

Do you want an added boost to your brand to increase your site visitors?

Do you want your site featured in reputable sites like CBS, Fox News, NBC, and ABC? Believe it or not, you can work with a team of specialists from Key Marketing Elements to do it.

Our Press Releases Services have been around for several years. It used to be expensive but given today’s modern approach and technology, and the relationships we have built over the years, you can now affordably avail of this service without sacrificing its quality and impact.

Get the Edge Over Your Competitors with Our Top-Rated PR Services

See how a $297 Investment can make an impact on your business

Who says you can’t hire PR professionals to place your brand with well-known News Agencies like CBS, Fox News, NBC, and ABC? We make that happen for you.

We pride ourselves in curating PR campaigns for 400+ clients in the last two years, with our experience and impressive knowledge in Press Release writing and distribution.
Without a doubt, our partnership with them catapulted their exposure, resulting in boosted revenues.

For the price of $297, you can join the ranks of these businesses that made a success by using our PR services.

Read on to see how we help your brand to be seen by online visitors and profit from them.

Benefits of PR Services

Every day, people visit these news sites to keep posted on remarkable events. Utilizing our PR Service campaign will give you the edge over your competitors due to the below beneficial ripple effects:

Instant and immense exposure to the public

Groundwork on making an impact for your business and sharing them with the USA or worldwide can be tedious and tiring. Why not just focus on your product and business and let us handle the PR for you?

Our PR campaigns are curated to expose your brand to the public, particularly, to your target audience. They get to know who you are and what you can do for them. Piquing their interest and making it known that you have the solution to their needs, drives them to your website and help them share the word about you.

Not convinced? Our recent campaigns have appeared on 1,800,000 sites within a few days. Now, imagine your site with this immense exposure. The potential customers, endless possibilities.

Promotes Brand Awareness

One reason for PR release to be powerful is that being seen on news sites will make you be seen as an expert. 

We will write a PR campaign for you so you will be seen as an expert, who can be trusted and know your niche inside and out. This makes you one step ahead of your competition.

Increased traffic and Improved Rankings

With our Press Release campaign that utilizes your keywords while promoting your brand to the audience and our backlinks to lead them to your site, we will guide them where to read more information and buy your product.

Your traffic gets better as your brand visibility increases. This prompts the algorithm to place your site in higher search rankings because you are marked as relevant in the industry.
Being seen on the first page of the search engine pages increases your website’s chance to be visited first when people search and need your service.

Not every visitor is guaranteed to make a sale. But what if there’s a high-profile visitor out there who wants to try something new?

Highlight Meets Sales

The PR campaigns we write for you, combined with the strategic position of your brand on well-known sites, can boost your sales and make a hefty profit. We help bring out the best features of your product and how your audience will benefit from them.
We highlight not only the best but make you why you are the best choice above all competitors.
Being the best convinces them to take action and buy your product.

What You’ll Get

Convinced? Good. Now let’s make it happen. We will think about personalizing the perfect PR for you, and you will decide on its final output. Below are the steps for the culmination of that perfect Press Release:

1. Our team of professionals from US will draft 400+ words worth of impactful PR releases for your review. You can be sure they are well-written given their background in Journalism, backed with PR firm experience. Once finalized and approved, this will be forwarded to the Publishing Team.

2. Once approved, this will be released by the Publishing Team to 300+ various media sites, including Newspapers, Local Media, Radio, TV, Social Media sites, and the like. In turn, you earn the legal right to use the citation, “As Featured/Seen on “__”‘.

Below are some sites we will publish your approved Press Release:

a. Media Sites

  • Ibtimes
  • Digital Journal
  • WND
  • AZ Central
  • Indian News

b. Local Channels

  • ABC
  • Fox
  • NBC

How about financial feeds? We got you covered as they will be placed on the sidebar, newsfeeds, and tickers but for a limited time.

c.These are some of the sites where we can publish your PR financial feeds:

  • Telegram
  • The Sun
  • The Telegraph

With our Premium Press Release Offer, you can publish your PR on Google News too.

3. Once done, you will receive a generated completed report from us, laying out the 300+ links where the Press Release, you approved, is published.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect the turnaround process to be completed in a maximum of 2 weeks. You can expect to receive the report from us on the 10th day.

We look forward to working with future clientele and building our reputation together. As such, we do not cater to the below-listed niches:

  •  Betting/Gambling
  •  Adult Content
  •  Quick rich schemes in the format of e-books, 
  •  Forex Trading
  •  Questionable medical protocols and alternatives and nutritional supplements (e.g forskolin, Garcinia Cambogia)
  •  Sites and links flagged as potential virus and malware threats
  •  Sites that allow you to avail of Credit Scores/Reports/Ratings and Payday Loans

Yes. Our Premium Press Release service includes inclusion in Google News.

Yes. Our work is backed with feasible reports. Our team will provide you with the report once the campaign is completed within 14 days of your order.

Do you have any requirements to proceed in processing our PR request?

Yes. To proceed with our PR project, we require the following:

  • Company name
  • Contact details (e.g., country-based phone, email)
  • Website
  • Keywords

Please note that we accept business email accounts only.

We are here for you. Should you have any queries or concerns, do email us at Our support team will be there to assist you.

 Having a PR doesn’t need to be that hard. You don’t need to worry about pushy customer sales representatives. Our staff are trained to give you the information that you need so you can make a wise choice. You can ask us about anything that can help you learn more about our services and help you with your business. Feel free to call us today.

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