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Yes, you read that right. Using just $8, $14, or $20 your business will skyrocket with us. The SEO services that we offer rival those of Big SEO Firms. Since 2011, the success of our SEO Carnival has not only been a major hit with our clients, because of the demand for our SEO services. We have expanded our team since then. More experts, more specialists, and an even bigger office to give you our best at wholesale rates. A price no other company can give you.

Our packages are designed with you in mind to accommodate your budget and needs. We also constantly update our services in accordance with Google standards. You can be confident in availing of our services that are used by small and large businesses alike.


SEO Services

1. Creating contextual links from 10 web 2.0 Properties

This is done by re-writing your article, utilizing user-generated pages like Hubpages and Squidoo, and adding pictures and videos related to your content. With content and visibility, your page can have a higher ranking in Google search engines.

2. Making use of social bookmarks

Adding social bookmarks can make brand expansion easier by obtaining backlinks by linking with potential influencers and making possible collaborations with them. This can help build credibility on Top-Ranked Backlink Packages your blog and social media pages. Having them linked with Second-tiers increases your search ranking as they are tied with sites that have better domain authority.

3. Forum profile

Having a presence in forums can help you look into your target market, their interests, and their behavior. This can help you further improve your product, and answer their needs and reviews that can lead to a valuable impression on your site.

4. RSS Creation and Submission

Using Real Simple Syndication (RSS) gives your audience the information they are searching for without jumping from one site to another. This ease of use saves them time in searching for the product they want and will likely choose the item that can satiate their needs first.

5. Multi-stage indexing

By creating the correct set of corresponding keywords, we can help your site be found easier. We ensure that the needed keywords are filtered appropriately so you can be easily seen in the search engine’s database. Please note that we will create 2 URLS for you with 10 keywords for each of our packages. If you don’t have any more questions, here are the SEO packages that we offer.

If you are looking for a much more personalized service for your business, kindly contact us.

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Contextual Web 2.0 Pyramid

Packages Under Contextual Web 2.0 Pyramid packages, we can implement the below-crafted strategies to increase your site’s presence on search pages. We can carefully add pictures and videos to add value to your content, making your site favorable to Google’s algorithm and improving your rankings in their search database.

We have crafted these packages to curate according to your budget:

Want to see the results with your limited budget?

$8You can try our Lite Web 2.0 Package at $8 and enjoy the following perks:
  • 50 Social Bookmarks in second-tier
  • 20 contextual links from 10 web 2.0 Properties
  • Multi-stage indexing
  • RSS Creation and Submission
$14At $14, you may also opt to avail of the level-up package to up your game $14:
  • 100 Social bookmarks in Second-tier
  • 40 Contextual links from 20 web 2.0 Properties
  • Multi-stage indexing
  • RSS Creation and Submission

Educational Blog Post Packages

Edublog is made to educate people. Our package includes blog posts from our privately-owned blogs hosted on well-known academic institutions on US University domains like Stanford, MIT, etc. This can help build a reputation and build authority on your website. With a higher DA ranking, you can be seen on the top page of search engines. The privately owned blogs mentioned can be rewritten by us according to your niche and post them on blogs on a packaged basis.

$8With $8, you can avail of our Lite Edu Package and benefit from the following:
  • High Domain Authority
  • RSS Creation and Submission
  • Multi-Stage Indexing
  • 4 EDU links from 2 EDU blog posts
$14Want to go higher? You can avail of our $14 package and enjoy these features:
  • High Domain Authority
  • 6 EDU Links from 3 EDU Blog posts
  • Our team will handle Multi-stage Indexing RSS Creation and Submission.

Epic Wiki Pages

People nowadays rely on Wiki’s trust factor and reliability because of its status as a free online reference encyclopedia. Having information written on these pages can increase your site’s reliability and allow you to communicate and discuss with the readers. We can help you build Wiki Pages people can use as fine references from prominent Wiki Sites

Lite Web 2.0 Package
$8With the $8 Lite Web 2.0 Package, we can:
  • Write you all unique, 500 Wiki pages
  • Up to PR 8 Home
  • Handle RSS Creation, Submission, and Multi-Stage Indexing
Super Web 2.0 Package
$14At $14, we can take your game to the next level. These services will be provided to you if you avail of this package:
  • We can write an original, all unique 1000 Wiki pages
  • Up to PR 8 Home
  • Handle RSS Creation, Submission, and Multi-Stage Indexing for you

Social Bookmarks

We can help you utilize Social Bookmarking so it would be easy for you to use the various platforms to bookmark your posts that you can use for your reference, instead of saving them in your browser bookmarks. This will help save you time in going back and forth to sites and have this time allocated to your other tasks.

Imagine if such a benefit can be enjoyed by your readers. They can visit your site, follow your content and stay updated on your site, at any time on any device. This can send a message to the crawlers that your site is relevant. This can improve your rankings due to your improved credibility and authority.

Our SEO Services include Social Bookmarking. We can make posts on different Social Bookmarking Sites like Delicious, Digg, etc, interesting content that can be enjoyed by the readers and help you improve your ranking.

$8For starters or those who want to test our services in this category, you can begin by availing of the $8 Lite Bookmarks Package. This includes the following perks:
  • Create a unique post and upload them to 200 Social Bookmarking sites
  • Handle Multi-Stage Indexing and RSS Creation and Submission
$14If you're experienced users who wish to level up the use, you can avail of the below services under $14:
  • We can create a unique posts and upload them to 400 Social Bookmarking sites
  • Handle Multi-Stage Indexing and RSS Creation and Submission

Availing of our Social Bookmarking services allows you to utilize the following:

Up to PR 6 Unlimited use of keywords and URLs

Combo Deal (Best Value)

Want a bit of everything? We have designed a Combo Deal just for you. This package is the best deal for your money as this offers a variety of our services at discounted prices.

$28Originally at $32, now at $28 with $7 per service, you can try the following at our Lite Combo Package:
  • Lite EDU Blog post\
  • Lite Web 2.0 Web Pyramid
  • Lite Bookmarks
  • Lite Wiki
$48Our Super Combo Package, priced initially at $56, is now at $48 at $12 per service. This includes:
  • Super EDU Blog post
  • Super Web 2.0 Pyramid
  • Super Bookmarks
  • Super Wiki

With our SEO Services, your services and products can be seen by the audience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and start drawing potential clients to your site today.


A: You can expect the turnaround time of your preferred package at a maximum of two weeks. You can expect a report from us on the 10th day of availing of the service.

A: Yes. Viable facts back our statement at work. Rest assured we can deliver reports within two weeks of your order. This will be sent to your email after campaign completion.

A: We highly recommend you avail of the Ultimate Combo Package at $60 as this makes the best out of your budget. This includes the following perks: Ultimate EDU Blog post Ultimate Wiki Ultimate Web 2.0 Pyramid Ultimate Bookmarks Included in this package are videos and press releases you can use to diversify your SEO campaign, allowing you to reach a wider audience.

A: Definitely! We highly recommend you avail of this package and see what it can do for you and your clients. You can resell this service on forums and different internet marketing platforms like eBay, buy/sale/trade sites, and the like. Wholesale prices are proven better than others and combined with impeccable service, its potential is unlimited. The outstanding reviews left by our delighted customers speak for themselves.

A: Our SEO services use a 5-step system that can produce an estimated 90% index rate. We do not do crawling but we can help your site rank on top by giving you high-quality links that can be seen in search engine databases.

A: You can send your inquiries and request for assistance at Our Sales Team can assist you in choosing what package will suit your needs and budget. We will keep you informed on our products and services so you can rest easy while choosing wisely what your order will be. We are looking forward to doing business with you.

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