How to Choose the Best Free VPN Application

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Utilizing a free VPN application is a great option to add a new layer of privacy to your mobile devices and online activities. Not all free VPNs offer the same degree of security. In fact, a majority of them impose data caps or slow users speeds in order to convince them to purchase an expensive plan.

It’s important to understand what to look for in the best free VPN. Ideally, you’ll want an organization that does not have limit on data speed or speed and offers an intuitive user interface. It is also helpful if the free VPN you select is compatible with the devices and platforms you are most likely to use. If you’re interested in torrenting or streaming content ensure that the free VPN you select has special servers specifically designed for these types of activities.

The top VPNs for free aren’t just safe and easy to use however, they also offer many features that help you make the most of your internet experience. For instance it is important to look for a no-cost VPN that abides by the no-ads policy as well as has an efficient customer service.

ProtonVPN’s free plan comes with great security and privacy features, such as perfect forward secrecy (with no leaks), RAM-only servers and the policy of keeping no logs that have been audited. The free service also offers a decent amount of data (though it doesn’t limit the number of connections or devices you can connect to at one time) and speedy speeds.

Hotspot Shield, with its unlimited data plan and high speeds, is another excellent choice for surfing the web. It’s only functional in a few countries, and logs your IP address.

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