Parents, grab your kids! This is an episode for them! And you too, of course! Today David is joined by the public, internet marketer, and most importantly, the Co-Founder of FUNancial Freedom. At FUNnancial Freedom, their main goal is to empower children and teens to lead extraordinary lives. With their animated training, FUNancial Freedom teaches 7 – 17-year-olds how to become financially smart.  Who doesn’t want that for their child?! It’s a no brainer! Head on over to right now to grab your FREE membership. Follow them closely on social media because they have some big plans.  They want to move into curriculum teaching simple finance skills and annual events to encourage entrepreneurship in children and teens.


[00:02:08] Why FUNancial Freedom?[00:07:53] Feedback From Parents[00:10:18] Where Did The Animation Originate?[00:18:58] Was David Taught About Finances As A Kid?[00:26:26] What’s Next For FUNnancial?

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