During this crazy lockdown situation you need to be able to offer a service that you can provide from home without having to talk to anyone in person.
A lot of marketers and agencies are out of business right now because they were dependent on in-person conversations to get clients on board.
Today I’m presenting you with a brand new service that you can offer WITHOUT having to ever leave the comfort of your home.
 & $1,500 in Bonuses
What is this service and what’s special about it?
Well, check this out:
This service is UNIQUE
This Service is NEEDED Right Now
This Service PROTECTS Your Clients
This Service Is Offered Via Email, From Home
Perfect For The Current Lockdown Situation
What is the service?
It’s offering businesses to be WCAG & ADA Compliant TODAY.
Internationally ALL Business Websites have to be in compliance with the Web Accessibility Guidelines and in addition in the US, all Business Websites need to be in compliance with
The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
If not in compliance, you & your clients can be sued by greedy law firms.
Case in point, there were over 10,000 ADA lawsuits just in 2019 and those greedy law firms now go after small businesses as well.
This is where ADA Comply 2.0 comes in.
& $1,500 in Bonuses
ADA Comply 2.0 allows you to quickly find websites and businesses that are NOT yet compliant.
It then gives you a slick report & analysis of any website you like – you can then use this report to land clients quickly – via email!
ADA Comply 2.0 also makes it SUPER easy to then optimize websites for compliance, in minutes!
It’s this simple:
Use ADA Comply 2.0 To Find Websites That Need Help
Email The Report & Analysis To The Prospect
Get Paid!
Optimize The Client’s Website In Minutes with ADA Comply 2.0
All from the comfort of your home, during this lockdown.
Get started right here, right now during this Special:
& $1,500 in Bonuses
Perfect for Agencies, Local Marketers & Online Marketers. Really anyone with a website and anyone wanting to generate revenue offering a truly helpful service.
Have a look, I think you’ll LOVE what you see.

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